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Me and my boyfriend just broke up after a 4 year friendship and 6 month courtship, and 1 month of official dating. we fell really hard for eachother, the two of us were pretty much the only light in eachother's lives. I have a daughter and it was nearly impossible for me to want to force him into the father role. he is a university student too. so i did what i thought was best for me, and best for him. I had complete faith that we would break up on friendly terms, and unfortunately we are still so crazy for eachother that he continuously messages me. it feels like a dream.. like it hasnt really happened but it has! and everytime i realize it i seriously fall into a darkness away from the sun. he says the waterfall at his parents' calms him down. he is an emotional wreck too.. i can feel it in his emails.. but i just found out he will be working a job in the yukon for the summer to escape from toronto and being tempted to go against my wishes and have me back. he tells me there is no internet over there.. and he has given me multiple chances to get back with him. it will be until september that i see him again. and he will be off in another city for university again. but we seriously are crazy about eachother and we are eachother's first loves. it just doesnt feel like it's finished yet, and he has let me know that we arent. i just hope his feelings remain true, without him being sad. i know i won't be getting over him anytime soon because never have i known such a beautiful soul, or a person with such beauty and a positive perspective on life. he is the perfect guy.. an environmental activist, he loves home cooking.. ah and he just knows so much about me! i've never talked to anyone else in my entire life who could actually understand me, and read through me. i really hope i made the wise decision, and he remembers our connection..

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