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cannot believe this is happening again, even after so much progress...


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i guess this is just a rant because it's weighing heavy on me and i'm happy in every other aspect of my life right now.. i don't want this to bring me right down.

so in reference to my last thread, i've just moved interstate and the plan was that my boyfriend of 4yrs was to move here too, in april...


well he's been having issues with us lately, i guess he's unhappy and he says it's because of me but won't give specific reasons, so i think it also has a lot to do with moving. he was excited about moving until i actually did move, and as of the other day that's turned from "excited" to "thinking this all over".

i think he's going to break up with me.


after said conversation i didn't know what to do, i just told him that maybe we shouldn't talk for awhile so he can think it all through without hearing my voice in the back of his mind, and he said "ok cool."


i just so badly want to tell him my feelings though. i had such high hopes for us, we were doing so so well and progressing up to this point. i had NO idea he was unhappy. now my hopes and dreams of a happy future have been shattered.


should i e-mail him? should i continue not bothering him until he speaks to me?

i mean i will definitely send him a text next week on his birthday, but i really feel the need to talk to him. but, it probably isn't necessary.

i miss him so much. we are so far apart. i want to hear his voice and what he's thinking, what he's been feeling.

i feel like he has already 'emotionally' broken up with me. but having said that, we haven't spoken, so it could be the opposite (unlikely!)


i need piece of mind if only so i can sleep again.

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Very, sorry for your situation & your pain...


I'd just allow him to contact you, outside of a very small "Happy B-Day, have a great day" kind of message. He likely won't be able to give you any "peace of mind" because he is still thinking on things himself. It may only make things worse in terms of how you might feel....


Given that you may not hear from him for a little bit... Try to give your own self peace of mind by remembering to yourself that you will be ok no matter what.


If it ended, yes, you will hurt & cry & work through intense emotional pain... But in the end it will very much be okay.... And even further down the line, something new will blossom romantically with someone.


Or... it may all work out with your current bf, which is what I wish for you...

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Ok so it's been three days and I haven't heard from him. I'm not worried because when we don't speak it usually takes a week for him to miss me and want to call

I just wish I wasn't being left in the dark on this one. I wish I knew what he was thinking I wish I could tell him how I feel


When (if) he calls next, if he hasn't decided what to do, I am going to ask him to come here anyway just for a holiday, to see where we stand, so he can see what it's like here, and lastly... maybe see eachother for the last time


If he calls and he doesn't want to be with me, I will be strong, and say "ok".


damn this hurts.

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