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Ive been talking to this girl for months now. She's a very jealous person... as in, whenever a friend of mine who is a girl tries to talk to me, she get's insanely mad. At first i thought this was kind of cute, but now it's just retarded.


Take this for example: i had went out over the weekend, and got cool with a bartender-lady. I have no interest in her, but thought she was a cool girl. She had looked me up on facebook, and added me, after she had left the bar that night.

I came home and accepted the request, and the next thing I know, she had posted a comment on one of my pictures, and added a little "

..now i dont really know this girl at all, but i just brushed it off. What am i going to do? delete it?


So the girl i'm talking to sees this comment, and starts asking who this girl is. I had explained that shes just the bartender, and i dont know her at all... and why she had placed a heart in the comment, is beyond me. Maybe she likes me, but I didn't care. I barely know her, so its nothing.


I had responded to the comment, with just a bull * * * * comment of my own, because i'm a nice person and i'm not going to flat out ignore that she commented me.

I wake up the next morning to a text message from the girl I was originally talking to, saying something like "Have fun with XXXXXX!" (XXX = name of the girl)


I responded to the text saying something like "i hope you realize you have no real right to be upset about that."


Here's where I'm going to justify this.


When she started talking to another guy, a few months ago, I told her i had a big problem with it. She continued to talk to the guy....for the next 2 months, anyway. I kept my mouth shut because she said they were just friends...so I let it go.

Now, she's all over this other guy's stuff like white on rice... yet she wants to be mad at ME, for some girl I barely know commenting on me?

Where does she gain the right to be upset about that?! Not to mention the fact that we're not even "officially" dating.



She's been ignoring me for the last 2 days.


Am I wrong, by saying she has no right to be upset? It makes no logical sense as to why she should be upset... especially after she kept on talking to another guy when I told her I had a problem with it.


What the HELL?

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So are you two actually dating? You said you were just "talking", so does that entail being exclusive?


I'd be really mad if I were you. It's immature bull**** and you shouldn't put up with it. Does she still talk to this other guy?

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Lol, trust me.. I am running. We haven't spoke since I woke up to that text, Monday morning.


Apparently, she's steamed at me. Big deal.


shonuff - No, she's not going to hit me with that venom. I wouldn't let that happen. There has been WAY too much bull * * * * going on for me to ever think that highly of her.


TwistOfate08 - We aren't exactly dating, just "talking" like we are. Apparently she seems to believe it's alright to talk to other guys, but its a terrible thing if I come in contact with any other female on the face of the planet. She doesn't talk to the first guy anymore, apparently they had some sort of fight, from what I've gathered from my research, and they are no longer friends. She does still talk to this other guy, who she had claimed was her "best friend" - yet I've only just recently heard about him. He just came into the picture in January. I've been ditched before for this guy, so go figure. Either way, good riddens.


I just don't understand how she can justify being mad at me, with all the bull * * * * she has done herself. It makes no logical sense and I can't seem to figure it out. The woman has absolutely NO right to be upset at me, and she SHOULD know this. But I guess not.


geekgirl4 - Thing is, we're not officially dating. I've tried to talk to her about it, but I never really ever got a "yes; lets do it." or a "no, i dont want to." - I've always got bull * * * * answers. She'd always beat around the bush. My problem is that she's talked to, and hung out with other guys, and I've complained about it - yet she kept doing it anyway... now when some random girl I don't even know talks to me, I get * * * * * ed at. It makes no god-damned sense.

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If there's one thing I can't stand, its hypocrites. If you aren't exclusive then why is she on you about something that small? If she's giving bull * * * * answers, then it's going to be a no. And even if its eventually a yes, wouldn't you rather be with someone who's whole hearted and sure of their feelings for you? The way she's tip toeing around the subject, hanging out with other guys, and giving you crap for random fb comments ... she sounds like definite drama. It's one thing if someone is hesitant in entering a relationship because of a previous relationship or she's going through a tough time, or something important. Sounds like your girl is just making excuses. Find someone who matters to you and you matter to her (but not like this crazy extreme)

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She's one of those people who love to sabotage their own relationships. I'll never get why they do, but it's just inner issues and anger issues and wanting to bring everyone down on their level of misery.


She's a hypocrite. A person that is bound to say, "Do as I say, not as I do." Bollocks!


Dump her and don't look back. You won't be the last guy she'll end up screwing over.

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She does sound like a potential nut and I'm assuming she hasn't really shown all her true colors yet. Just wait until she's really comfortable.


She reminds me of the kid that doesn't want to play with his toy, but gets pissed when another kid comes along and starts playing with it. All of a sudden, the stingy kid has a new-found interest in that toy. Basically, she's childish and, although you might need to work on not being so nice when you get wifey, this really isn't your fault.

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