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How would you handle this situation?


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Coco, one can only be disappointed if one has expectations.


You are recently out of a really bad story. There are a lot of things that you should be getting over/ learning. Many people initially advised you not to date so soon after your last break up with very good reasons. It's not sensible to start a new relationship without having emotionally healed/ learned from your previous one. - But how to get there?


Since you have told us multiple times that you do not have many friends to do things with, I do believe it's essentially for you to meet new people (either gender) and make new friends, go out to the movies, and simply have fun with. Thus I would also approach this guy with that attitude: let's make a new friend, what happens later, will happen then.


Do not set yourself up for failure by expecting from this guy (or any other guy) that they have to immediately be super serious about dating you and that they have to become your next boyfriend. You are currently not strong enough yet to take rejection well (all these talk of 'i'll never find anyone doesn't indicate a happy disposition at the moment), thus reduce your expectations when interacting with people. Be happy for what they contribute to your life, even if it is only small.


I am happy to see that you are in touch with this guy and texting - isn't this better than sitting all alone and pondering on the cruel world?


Don't stress about if he likes you in this respect or not. Just go with the flow for now.

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