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My 1 year relation with my ex gf ended the 20th january this year. She broke up with me saying I was too nice :S


I really liked this girl and and was very sad the first week after brake up, I almost begged her to come back to me. until I found out she hanged out with one particular guy, I don't know why since there is nothing special about him as far as I can tell. And there ain't much love between the two of them either since I don't see any affection on their personal sites. Though she is spending time with him and not with me, which makes me sad.


After the first week of contact I initiated NC and the last 2/3 weeks I sometimes popup on msn and in some cases she starts a conversation with me, in the first few conversations she made me jealous by saying some things about guys she was hanging out with. Our last conversation was somewhat better though, she didn't say anything about hanging out with guys or something like that.


However I know she is still seeing that guy :S

I suppose it's the rebound guy, or at least someone she won't date very long. I asked her a few weeks ago if she missed me, and she actually said no. But I think she wasn't honest about that, why would she start a conversation with me then? And ofcourse you miss someone, whether you had a relation with him/her or not.


It's hard not to say bad things about that new guy, I only hope she quits with him very soon, and comes back with me. Although knowing myself I will have a very hard time forgiving her mistake.


In the meantime I'm moving on, I'm working on myself, but even looking at other women doesn't take my mind of my ex gf. I was deeply in love with her.


If someone has advice or wants to reply to this? I will appreciate it very much

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Well I think we really had something going on that year. One of the best years of my life. And I feel she didn't tell me the truth about breaking up


One other reason that I want her back badly is that she actually met my daughter from a previous relation. And my daughter likes her very much, I even haven't told my daughter we broke up, cause it will hurt her.


Anyway my ex gf has moved into a new house at the beginning of this month, so I'm hoping for an invitation from her so that I can come and visit her new place. Offcourse I won't be getting an invitation as long she sees that guy


More reactions are welcome

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