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Is she really mad at me for being sick?


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"I stayed with her for a night and then the day after taking care of her." = Good behavior


"The next day I came down with a fever and a sore throat. I basically felt like garbage. I told her about it and she responded with "Oh poor baby. *weeze* *weeze*. Must be so awful." etc" = Bad behavior.


Do we need a quiz? Because little miss princess has already failed.


One time I dated this woman whose apartment I used to stay the weekends at as she was closer to our mutual workplace (bad mojo I know, but different floors). Always had a blast and then some -snicker- but one time I caught the flu something fierce and couldn't go over...hell I could barely move (later found out it turned to bronchitis..yeah ow).


I had TOLD HER AT THE ONSET that I didn't feel well and wouldn't be over until I was well and took sick time at work too.

When I returned to the land of the semi-living...she approached me and proceeded to give me screaming hell (literally)about why I hadn't even the decency to call her over the time I was on the sickbed. -Note: she never bothered to call me-


I dumped her on the spot without even arguing it and never spoke to her again.

Consideration and respect precede love, without those two the third cannot survive. And it sounds to me she doesn't have any of the above for anyone but herself.


Next her.

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