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Here is the situation;

me and my gf have safe sex all the time. i would say proably once every 2-3 days, if not more often. We use a condom with spermicidal lube %1000000 percent of the time, never even for a second without! We have never had a broken one or one slip off or anything. So I guess you could say that we try and be incredibly safe.


We can't remember when she got her period last month...I know, irresponsible. We think it was the 8th, but like I said, we aren't sure. Well now it is march 9th and she still hasn't gotten it. Keep in mind, february only has 28 days. Anyway, ever since the 5th of March we have been severely worried. At first it was because we forgot that Feb has so little days so it wasn't overdue yet, but now it can be, so we have been worried like hell the past couple of days.


Her cycles used to be regular, but lately they haven't been and we have lost track (irresponsible again, I know.) Her breasts feel tender to her and she is showing some PMS signs but it is hard to tell what is PMS and what is pregnancy. We never ever have sex without a condom.


My question is, do you think she could be pregnant? We think the late period could just be caused by the insane amount of stress we have gotten into ourselves, but what is your opinion?

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I agree with the two above posters.


And I'll also add that, while you are being much safer than many couples, I think you should consider another, more permanent form of contraception if you have sex that often. The pill is only one option; there are a lot of ways to control her hormones that will not only regulate her periods, but also give you better protection.


Just my two cents

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