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Validation: Weight Lifted :)

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So I've started quite a few threads on the topic of my recent breakup and my dealing with it emotionally. Well today brought the biggest relief yet to me. On a whim I texted a friend of mine and my ex's to see how she was doing. She was glad to hear from me and told me she'd been trying to get a hold of me. When I asked why she said she'd heard some things she didn't like. Turns out that she was talking to a friend over the phone and in the background she heard three guys talking about my ex and that she'd had sex with three different dudes multiple times each while we were still together. When I heard that I felt the pain start, then realized that I'd been right. See the whole time she and I had been apart I had these nagging feelings she was cheating on me. Just clues I got from what she was doing and times she wouldn't talk to me, the patterns of times she couldn't talk and when I put it all together it came out to her cheating on me. But whenever I would talk to her about it she would lie, and tell me my mind was twisting things around and that nothing was happening. She actually swore to GOD that she hadn't cheated on me. This made me feel bad because I still thought of her as my little angel, so I believed her, and thought of myself as a jealous ass for thinking that way. I should be a friggin' detective my instincts were so spot on with what actually happened. I'll never not trust them again.

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