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Obvious signs of flirting


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I'm more of a shy person but this is what I do when I flirt:



Stare into the other guy's eyes for a few seconds


Start touching my face in a sensual manner

Cross my legs

Point my body toward them to let them know I'm into them



I talk softer

I ask more questions about them

I laugh more if they happen to say things that seem funny to me

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I think physical contact, especially when it is not strictly needed, like touching the person's arm, and letting your fingers linger, is a big sign of flirtation. Also, sharing personal details and asking you for the same. A lot of laughing, even at jokes you know darn well are not funny. Looking to you for praise or opinions on matters that are important to the person. Salicia gave a number of good examples, and I cannot think of more to add to hers, really.


Best of luck, and enjoy the uncertain flirting phase - it's dreamy!

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