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Why does is she doing this?

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Ok, I posted about a week ago about my ex. Long story short, we dated for about a year and half, and then we got into an agrument and she out of the blue said she didnt think we should be together. After like four days I texted to meet me to give her a letter, "doubts in my mind currpoted me and I wanted to give it one last shot".. So she said she had to think and that she was confused. 2 days after that I met with her and she said she was done. And i politely told her that I understood her and that I would respect her deccission but that at the moment I needed some space for closure and I didnt want her to contact me. Since she said she wanted to be friends, which I said maybe in the future, but now I just needed space. So that was that, then last week she sends me an email, asking me if she could drop off some stuff for the house and something about my facebook, which kinda got me upset, So i responded that yea she could drop off whatever she wanted and about facebook that it didnt matter anymore, since we were done with. Now yesterday she sends me a text asking for help her homework, I was trying to be polite, but man it sets me back, Just when I think Im doing some progress here she comes and sets me back. I dont want her thinking that I care and I dont want to talk to her cuz im hurt, but At the same time I just want to be left alone. Why is she doing this, why can't she leave me alone.

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