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My road to recovery!

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Hey all, just like to share my thoughts and what i have learnt from my break up.

Background story: ex left me for my best friend during December, just after i took her on a trip for her birthday where she appeared to have a great time. For more info check my earlier thread.


What I have learnt from this:

- Firstly when i during the initial breakup I thought it was all my fault that led to this breakup, now I realise all the reasons she said for the breakup is just a load of crap. e.g. she said we have too much differences... lol we were together for 4.5 yrs any differences should have been apparent ages ago.


- Secondly, people should be clear about love and lust, throughout my relationship my ex would say we weren't like this when we first went out, well whys that? Cause we aren't in the honeymoon period anymore, people who feel that their partner has changed or that the relationship has changed should really take a step back and look at the situation more carefully. No Relationship stays in the honeymoon period forever!!! It is not that your partner has suddenly changed dramatically, its just that your relationship has progressed to another stage.


- Thirdly, this is for the dumpees, if you never abused, cheated, or manipulated them, then its generally not your fault, some might think is it because I have taken them for granted, in some cases yes, but in some cases it just you love them so much you have taken them in as a family member and not just a girlfriend. Break ups are a great learning opportunity, this is my first relationship although for a first break up i had to experience this, i felt i have benefited more than i lost. So use it as a learning experience instead of some catastrophic tragedy.


-Fourthly, always use the breakup as motivation to improve yourself, not that it will get them back, but we humans are funny things, unless something drastic happens we generally won't change our bad habits, so use this opportunity to improve yourself and also do things that you couldn't do before.


-Fifthly, if you were like me and were left for another, seriously let them be, if in some point they realise they love then good, if not it doesn't matter you haven't lost anything, for them to do that to you means that they didn't respect you, so be sad for someone that disrespects you like that.


- Lastly, life is too short to waste, I am only 22yrs old, I have a long road ahead of me, there are things that I want to accomplish, you can't waste you life feeling sad and pity yourself or even blame yourself for what happened. Go out enjoy your life, there is no such thing as the one, there are tons of people out there that you could spend the rest of your life with, its not who but when you will find those people.


Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts.

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