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Completely Messed Up


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I need some advice from the girls for birth control. I started using birth control on a Sunday ... can't remember the day, but it was a bit' ago. I kept missing my time schedule and was late everyday, so I wanted to switch my hours, so I quit taking it for a little while. Keep in mind this is my first time ever using/taking birth control, and the woman prescribing me the birth control didn't do too great of a job at explaining.

Needless did I say, I didn't know that after quitting birth control I would start bleeding. Before I took my birth control, I had a period. Right after my period I started BC on a Sunday. I took it for only a week or so until I quit. A few days after, I woke up on my birthday and just randomly bled. It scared me half to death, after I called the office of who prescribed them the lady taking my call was completely rude to me, and acted as if I were a down right imbecile. She said bleeding was normal, so I left it at that.

I did however have unprotected sex quite a few times, as in my last post I do think I may have some fertility issues. But like my sister having them, she still ended up getting pregnant. Well after my "birth control period" I wanted to wait and have a normal, healthy period. I noticed that the bleeding I had from quitting the BC was not at all normal. It hasn't been very long since my BC period it started Feb. 16 and ended four days or so.

Well my breast are really, really hurting like menstrual hurting . I had sharp pains in my sides, and even one night a sharp pain ran from my side down to my knee and made my leg tingly. I've also gotten a little wetter down there like I normally do before I start my period ... still ... no period.

My breast hurt more than they ever have, almost to slightest touch really hurt, even my nipples. No real cramps or anything though. I took a digital 5 day before missed period clear blue pregnancy test, came out negative. However, I've never been regular, and after this BC mishap I really don't know when I'll start now, still I took a PT anyway.

My breast quit hurting for a day, except in my left one only the nipple hurt for the day, then the whole breast itself, and the next day they both hurt, and are still hurting ... still no period.


Is this normal to be this messed up? Or does it sound more like pregnancy?

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Yes it is normal, in fact, your body thinks you are pregnant. When I first started getting pills, literally I wanted to sleep all day long and I had huge head aches. So I know what to expect when I will be prego one day. It's not going to be pretty!

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