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final solution


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living is agony yet the thought of death fills my retched soul with fear. death is not the solution. i wish to not exist.


my life is a vast emptiness; just as the universe is, truly, mostly empty. nothing out there for me.


i wander around in this hellish existence, passing only unfamiliar faces. nobody out there for me.


i have nothing and am nothing, and just as i came from nothing, i shall return to nothing.


i seek a reason are you it?

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Your value as a human is far greater than what you perceive it to be.


I've been there before, now too even? Yeah, I get it. I wish to just disappear. Actually, I sort of already have, hoping it might solve something.


You will need to find something to fill the void. A new hobby is always the obvious choice. Maybe stay away from the computer. I used to think a lot about philosophy, and about my place in the universe, as well as others. Yeah, life does seem pretty insignificant. But I know, if we strive hard enough, and given the right opportunities sometimes, we can do great things and become great people. So until that day, let's just wait it out.

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