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Where to go from here?

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Hello everyone,

I have been working aboard cruise ships for almost 3.5 years now. I have been activities staff, assistant cruise director/cruise staff supervisor, and most recently a culinary/beverage hostess (I host demonstrations with chefs and others, host mixology classes and basically talk about food and drinks all day). I have enjoyed it and feel very lucky to have done this but I am at the point where I want out. Personal reasons, mostly because (functional) relationships are damn near impossible to have out here, and I just feel like I'm not where I am supposed to be anymore. I'm not growing anymore and that tells me it's time to move on. Problem is, where do I go from here? I have no idea what kinds of jobs/careers to move into after having such a random job as this. A few points for me:

~Excellent public speaker accustomed to speaking in front of 200+ people

~Great interpersonal/people skills

~Responsible for creating and tailoring activity programs for every cruise, working with various departments to make it all work

~Experience as a supervisor/manager

~Learns quickly and good at making things work on-the-fly

~hold a BS in Biochemistry, graduated '05 (random I know)


I don't want to do sales, but other than that I am open to do just about anything and give it a try. I wouldn't mind travelling still but don't want to do the ship thing. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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Well, not sure if this interests you, but I did some recruitment/ advising work for universities for a while. It wasn't sales and where I live it's not like you get any bonus the more students that you get to come or anything... not at all


I had a lot of travel/ overseas work experience, some teaching etc


At one of my job I had to go give talks to high school students about university programs. I also had to give talks to big groups of people (up to 500) about orientation sessions, registration, organizing orientation sessions that sort of thing.


At the university I worked at, it was quite a good job and well paid. Not sure what kind of job it would be where you live.



you most definitely get to work with people, get to talk a lot, organize, have good management skills and you need a degree (which you have)


There are national / international recruiters/ advisers at the university I worked at.

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