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See them everyday, what do I do?


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I'm sorry, Tradami. That is a rotten situation to be in!


My suggestion would be that you constantly and vigilantly redirect your thoughts. Do not think about your ex. Do not think about not thinking about your ex. Think about your friend, your mother, your grandfather, ancestors you might have had, things they might have done, things you want to do, things you would never do in a million years, not even for a Klondike bar.


The point is to retrain your brain from thinking about your ex so that when you do see them, first the sting is taken out, and then even the dull, residual pain is removed, until you see them as you would any other person. Or even, ideally, as someone you have pale, but fond memories of.


If switching trains of thought is not enough, you might also try walking about for a bit with an iPod chock-full of happy tunes, and earbuds in place so that you do not have to hear your ex more than necessary (obviously, you need to focus on your classes, so this is more a to-and-fro suggestion).


I know this is easier said then done, and it won't always work, especially at first, but you can do this. It will get better, even if that does not seem at all possible now. Hang in there.


Best of luck and take care.

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Thank you Wager. It doesn't help that I am sick, I am nauseous and always cold.


It's only been a few days but I can tell I'm getting better. Up until this morning everything seemed hopeless, I felt pointless and useless. That i wasn't worth anything.


Then I don't know what happened but I had an epiphany of some sort and realized, "I don't need her. I can be happy without her." and I feel better. It lasted about 3 hours and then I kinda sunk down again, but I just did things to occupy my mind off of her. I've decided to stay away from my computer as much as I can. STAY OFF FACEBOOK. I learned this morning that I do NOT want to know what she is up to. I've also decided to stay off MSN.


I'm talking to friends including a girl i've known for a while (even crushed on a few years back ) I give her advice all the time with relationship issues and I realized that I'm a lot like her, more than I thought.


I know that when Monday rolls around (if I feel well enough to go to school) and I see her, I'm gonna feel desperate, Etc. But it's just something I'm gonna live with. I know it's going to hurt, but I do know it's going to get better.

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