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IF you hold that face too long will it will stick?


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I was just having a conversation with one of my siblings and a thought occurred to me that I was wondering if any studies had been done on it.....


My sibling is very into their own world. Every time someone tells them something that is completely true she just rolls her eyes and keeps going. It is like everything must be learned through experience. She has been like this since she was a baby. And it's not like most kids who have thick skulls. She watches TV and actually mimics what is one TV and has done this for years, her phrases, her jokes, even stories she ells is all about stuff she has seen on TV. I have been watching her for years and it seems like the older she gets the worse she gets. And I am thinking about something that I cannot prove. My theory is that if a child doesn't have enough kinds of different emotions(consistantly) and they go for too long with one thought, one type of emotion, then their brain will actually grow accustomed to this type of process and grow to suit those thoughts/emotions.......Is this something that has been proven? I know some people want to believe that anyone can change, but that is more fantasy than reality from what I have seen. Very few people in life have over come who they are(the personality that held them down). And there are always studies coming out about people with strange brain chemistry and can't think in certain ways and can't function like the rest of us do........Anyone? I know this might sound offensive, but I am not looking for people to throw opinions out here, just looking for some studies by professionals, or if it has been disproven and what not.

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Well Brahman,


It's interesting you say that. Pathways are made in the brain by thoughts, so you'd think if somebody thought the same thing for long enough, or as you suggested, made the same facial expressions over and over again, that the behaviour would become more firmly entrenched and hence repeated.


I'm not sure about studies, but that's how habits are formed isn't it?! Have you ever noticed that people often adopt certain behaviours of other people if they hang around with them long enough? I used to see that in my school friends.


I think there is some credence in your theory, i'm just not sure whether it's been researched yet. I'm sure if you Googled it, you would find something.


This is the sort of thing Psychologists look into, you'd make a good psychologist. You should seriously think about studying it

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