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well I was dating this guy..actually he was my boyfriend.

Today he called me.. and broke up with me..saying he wanted to wait a little but he still loved me.( things that i understood )

Afte a while I found out he cheated on me..

they were only going to smoke weed together..

But he told the truth after..

He said she started to gave him a head. he felt bad the whole time..

so he drove her home..

and the girl told me the same thing

But later in the day he called crying he wanted me back..but take our time..


I want him back but i know i wont trust him anymore

and now i dont know how to react around him..are we still a couple.


Im just so sad and frustrated.. i need support.

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i honestly think you can find some one better. He lied to you. He knew what he was doing was wrong and didn't stop it and in stead of telling you the truth from the start he broke up with you to get out of it. He may feel guilty but you cant be sure if he's guilty for what he did to you or if he's feeling that way coz he's been caught.


trust will be difficult for you from now on. it will be on your mind each time he's alone with a girl. If you do go back to him set some serious rules. he breaks them. he's lost you.....

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I agree with Silly Billy.


I took an ex back after he cheated. It was hard and looking back on it now that the relationship has ended I never could fully trust him again. I thought I did and told myself I did but I didn't, and it caused more problems between us.


If you do take him back you have to be ready to move past what happened, forgive him, and never bring it back up. If you can't, then there is your answer. But only you can answer weather you want that kind of relationship or not.

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Before you make a decision you need to think about yourself first in this situation. Do you really want to be with someone who has cheated on you? The relationship won't be the same now and it might be harder in the long run to go back to him. IMO I think you will be better off if you didn't get back together.

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