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Inviting an Ex to a Philanthropy?

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Hey ENA! Quick question for you all...


Since our meeting a week ago, it's been NIC for me, and she hasn't contacted me as of yet. In terms of our status as a relationship, I'm of the opinion that she still loves me and misses various aspects about me, but truly does not believe that a relationship will work. During our meeting last week, she did some things that kind of furthered my belief on these matters. Still, though, she hasn't contacted me once during this past week.


Well, my fraternity has an upcoming philanthropic event where we can get pied in the face for money, all of which will go to a charity. It's going to be fun, and I'm going to take part in being pied.


I was going to send an invitation to my ex as part of a mass email to all my friends within my university network. But I saw that she already got an invitation (and replied as a "maybe attending" on facebook). But seeing that we're on common ground and that we feel no ill effects towards each other, I was wondering if the ENA community thinks if it would be okay to send her a personal invitation to pie me in the face. The thinking is that it is casual, cheap, and fun... without any of the awkward intimacy.


Still, I'm leaning on the side of "no," but I just want some thoughts and feedback from the good people on this board...

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If she's already potentially attending then I'd leave it at that. She knows you're going to be there and maybe that's why she might be attending.


The more casual the better in these post-breakup meetings and the fact you know she might be there without you even asking her, means that it's even less presssure on her part - which can only be a good thing for you both.


I'd leave her to it, maybe you can use that invite for something else in the future.

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