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Does anyone here get depressed or anxious when loving someone new?

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I wonder if I'm alone..


I used to think it was because of an inner guilt that I am a lesbian (bisexual actually, but more lesbian).


But then I get that same feeling when I date guys too.


Like, when I wake up I get a disgusting feeling in my stomach sometimes. Even nervous, like I just want to flee.


It seems to happen more when I am dating someone who really takes me serious. The ones who could give a * * * * less, I cling onto them more.


Ugh.. this is so irritating. Cuz I finally met someone who actually loves the hell out of me and won't give up for nothing, yet I am so depressed.


I know it's other factors in my life too and it can't be blamed on her, but I have this feeling of "flee", yet if I'm not with her, it drives me crazy too.

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I think I'm afraid of choosing the wrong partner. Being bisexual, I always feel like there is greener grass on the other side. Then when I start thinking like this, I wonder if it's just cuz I haven't met the "right" one. But if I wait for the "right" one, I'd be waiting forever, because there is no perfect person.

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