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Ten Tips to make the most of your relationships

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How to make the most of your relationships by good communication? Here are ten tips to do so:


1. Be interested in them:


Listen to what they say. Ask them questions about what they are interested in. Use nice words and comments and say something interesting to relieve their pain or frustration.


2. Be punctual:


Respect their time. Keep your promises to them and remember appointments with them.


3. Tell them good news:


Enjoy their company and have fun with them. Keep your sense of humor and smile often.


4. Tell them what you like about them:


Deal with the good in them and forget the bad.


5. Think of giving:


Be initiative to give and don't expect or wait for their gifts.


6. Put yourself in their shoes:


Treat them as you like them treat you.


7. Don't gossip, backbite and backstab:


Always think positively of them.


8. Be realistic in your goals, plans and desires that are related to them.


9. Be yourself and respect the difference between you and anyone of them.


10. Be true to your values and beliefs:


Remember that the right and wrong are never black and white. Any story has always the side of truth. Stick to it.

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I agree with all of these. Especially # 3! So many people want to lay into them and start ranting about their crappy work day and problems (both men and women do this) and people have their own problems. I'm not saying you can't ever talk to your partner, but to keep the problems and complaining to a minimum. People want to be around happy people.

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Good points!


IMO- # 6 should be: Treat them as you believe THEY wish to be treated...


Just because you like receiving flowers, doesn't mean that gesture will mean anything to them, for example.


Know your partner, and what's important to them...And make sure they know what's important to you, so they can do the same for you...

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