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When you do not know how to help yourself...


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I am sure this has been said before, but I believe it is worth repeating. I do not even remember who first gave me this advice, and I have heard it reiterated countless times and ways since, but it has always served me well, and I hope it might benefit someone else.


And it is: When you do not know how to help yourself, when you are at your lowest, and at an utter loss for what to do next, what to do at all - do not surrender to the notion that you are then stuck doing nothing - instead, try doing something for someone else.


Sometimes, if you cannot help yourself, helping someone else is the best thing you can do. Your chances are endless, and, happily, customizable to your present capacity.


You could throw yourself into the incredible community that is eNotAlone, for instance. Pour through posts, see if you can find any place where you might supply a useful tip, or even just genuine, positive support. I would bet you have more to offer than you might think.


Or, by way of another example, if you feel strong enough, you could venture into your local community. Volunteer at a food pantry, a soup kitchen, a shelter - for animal or human aid, whichever you feel more kinship with at the moment.


If that seems overwhelming, you could do something more simple, more manageable; donate blood, over-tip a hard worker. Smile at a stranger.


I know this may be easier said than done, for many of you. I am well aware that substantial depression is a great and terrible beast, ravenous and relentless, and so weighty it can press down on its victim with unbearable, unspeakable force. I know there is no magic bullet to "cure" such a condition.


I remain hopeful, however, that this is sound advice and that by doing something for someone else, if you are game and able, you might feel a sense of positivity, productivity, satisfaction, or fulfillment that would hopefully lift your spirits a bit... maybe even enough to put you back on track to the next step for your own prosperity.


In fact, if you readers will permit it, I would make this post a call, of sorts, to anyone who is at all interested, able or willing to accept it. Can you do something for someone else, and come back to let us know what it was? You might inspire others with a generous, resourceful or clever idea. There is no gesture of kindness too small to count. Big or little, let us know what you were able to do for another!


For my part, I made this post, and, in addition, I truly wish you all hope, opportunity, luck and warmth.


(This is my first new thread, and if I chose the wrong category to enter it, please let me know and I will make the appropriate changes)

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Thank you Wager. This is an excellent post I would like to bring back. I've realised since my break-up that I could have been a much better friend to my female friends and family. My mum is getting on. She lives interstate, and my sisters do a lot for her. They get to feel worn down by her as they think she has become a bit dotti with the passing years. My mum is a very sweet person who has had a hard life, and she lives on her own, sometimes battling depression and poor health. I'm going to see her in the next couple of weeks. That's partly through selfishness as I so want to just be with my mum and have her hug me.


My mum loves old Hollywood movies, but my sisters detest them. Sometimes Mum has problems working technology like televisions and dvd players. When I go up to see her, I'm going to take up some of her favourite older Hollywood movies. Although it's not REALLY that old - like Black and White, I'm going to take up "Breakfast At Tiffaney's" and watch it with her. I recall seeing it with her when I was around 12 - LOL, well that does make it a REALLY old movie!

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