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So much rotten luck in love is there hope?


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Hi am new to this forum


Im 22 and I have only ever had a hand full of relationships, they only really last a month or two worst one lasted a week. This seems to be a running trend all through my life, I keep getting dumped by girls for no reason I have never treated a girl badly Im always nice and I always make them feel good but I still cant seem to find anyone. I ultimately gave up when I last had a girlfriend back in August 2008 since then there has been little interest from girls and when Ive asked a few out they reject me thats when I just gave up looking. But now I want to get back into the dating game again and find the love of my life I just want someone to have fun with, go on days out, snuggle on the sofa, eat breakfast in bed etc just the usual things a girl and guy would do in a relationship. I might also add Im a virgin and would be terrified of sex just need some upliftment really. It seems I cant attract girls my age I get the odd pass from 40 year old mums or single mums, without being picky Im 22 and just want to date someone who is my age and doesnt have any baggage (no offence to older women and single mums) I feel everyone else I know can just click together while Im left in the background.


Ive noticed since Ive been out of the dating loop for a while I have been chatting to some facebook friends and feel drawn to one of them, thing is she lives up north and Im down south near the seaside. We chat lots but she recently got a boyfriend and doesnt speak as much, I fancy her but know that a never in a million years would I be able to get with her due to the gap in distance and she has a boyfriend now. She admitted she fancies me too but I must get out of that way of thinking and stop talking to online friends who I fancy as I know it will just eat away at me.


One other thing Ive noticed is girls dont go for guys who are skint either, so far it seems to me that its about the money. Im looking for work but are unsuccessful so far, surely there are some girls who just dont go for money?


Thanks for listening all advice greatly received



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Hello and welcome to the forum.


I think you're still young and if you have been in relationships (even if they have been short), I wouldn't consider that bad luck.


It's very good you want to date somebody your own age and not just be with an older woman out of loneliness.


So, you could try to build a lot of new friendships, I know a lot of people will tell you about getting friendzoned and stuff but it doesn't matter if ten girls see you as a brother because those girls will have friends and one of them might be right for you.


Don't limit your possibilities, since you won't be dating them (in a strict sense) it shouldn't be a problem how much you spend, just go out often and let them see you, be nice, act relaxed and like you couldn't care less about being single, be confident of what you have to offer and if you flirt do it in person and not through a text or chat so you can measure their reactions properly and evaluate if there's potential there or not.


But the main thing is to be the best friend of many girls, even if they end up having no interest in you they will surely want to introduce you to somebody else.

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