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early period = implantation bleeding?


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So, I've been keeping track of my period since november and they've been quite irregular.

nov - 29 days

dec - 35

jan - 34

feb - 27


So as you can see, it's been difficult.

However, I had a lot of sex this past weekend with condoms.

I started brown spotting on monday which became red blood with clots. It's beginning to taper off today (thursday) and I'm concerned. I'm not supposed to get my period until the 13th and I started spotting on the 1st.

What do you guys think?

At it's heaviest, the flow was enough to fill a super tampon about 3/4 of the way.


Thank you so much, I'm really worried about this =[

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Your period averages out on 31,25 days, the average menstruation cycle is 25 to 35 days, so it looks normal. Intensity also varies, its not uncommon to have a heavy one every once in a while. If you are worried, i advice you to visit a genecologist. Also nature's timing isn't as advanced as an atom clock, i wouldn't worry too much about it, just visit a genecologist and let yourself be informed on what they think of it.

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