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terrrrrrible PMS. help!

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hey girls..


so. even though i'm 22, i JUST started getting PMS in the last few months. I got it yesterday for the second time. I'm also really stressed out due to exams.. and it hit me really hard. I was mildly depressed all day yesterday, but then in the evening I FREAKED OUT and started crying and stressing about all exams and thinking I was going to fail life.. I even started hyperventalating a bit and couldn't calm down until my girlfriend came over.


she helped a lot and i was fine. but when i woke up this morning, i thought it was gone but it was still here! again, i was fine all day.. but i had to pull an all nighter (still haven't slept since tues night) and of course as i got more and more tired and more stressed and PMS-y I got really bad and was crying and being such a b*tch to my gf. I coulnd't understand why she wouldn't comfort me when I was feeling so miserable, I wasn't even aware of my b*tchyness. And the PMS is so intense! All these emotional things felt so real and terrible to me, and only now, after 2 days of it, am I able to feel clear headed again and realize the world is not ending..


But I feel terrible. I freaked at my gf just an hour ago so bad that she left. I now realize it was just the PMS, now that I have calmed down.. but seriously what can I do to prevent this? It's ridiculous how powerful it is, especially when stressed out.


I don't want to go on the pill because well.. I have a girlfriend so obviously it doesn't provide me with the same utility it does straight girls Are there any vitamins, teas, more simple or natural ways to calm down the insane hormones?


I know dark chocolate works a little. But what else?? I don't want this to happen again, it was terrible! And such unnecessary drama!!

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im having the same problem and ive noticed it the last 6 months...when having stress at a daily basis at work , love life ecetera PMS have even more effects our body

it happens to me for 7-10 days before i get my period...and some of these days i feel really out of control and realle bad but i try to sleep a lot (it helps me to gain some energy )and i try to not involve myself in stressful situations...im a very sensitive person too....it effects to so bad sometimes so even my family members could notice the change in me ..i become izolated , dont want to talk to people especially to my family members these days , i need rest and quietness, cant stand the noise and become angry very fast...ecetera...exercing helps me too i think i need more of that.......poor us girls...im 27 now and i dont know how all this PMS started ....

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UGH, you poor thing! I agree with the other posters about going to your doctor and talking to her/him candidly about what you are going through. That would be the best place to start.


Another thing to consider, though it won't help you immediately, sadly, is taking up Yoga. You can find classes at nominal charges at many gyms, studios and womens groups - sometimes hospitals offer lessons and sessions at reduced cost, or even at no payment, depending on your financial situation, through their patient education groups.


Not only does Yoga offer beneficial exercise, it can help to strengthen your core muscle groups and teach you stretches that can actually help alleviate menstrual pain, which might be contributing to your poor mood (how could it not, if you have pain on top of raging hormones, poor girl!), as well as helping you to focus your mind as you would be better served to control your thoughts, and keep them positive and comforting.


So in addition to foods and other non-medicinal approaches, I would definitely consider taking up Yoga.


Best of luck!

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