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My Dad makes me feel like crap.


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Over the past year or so my dad has repeatedly said very hurtful things to me.

They include

"every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie" [/u]

"you have ruined my life",

"I can't wait until you are 18 so you can leave, and feel free to leave earlier if you want" and

"you are the reason my marriage failed." ( me and my step mom did not get along, but then again I was a younger teenager and most people my age have conflicts with their parents, especially step parents. She left because my dad treated her like crap and he cheated on her).


Recently my dad has lost his job and had a divorce with my step mom. They have two kids together and he has been under a lot of stress. He has a new job now, and I try to help out around the house and maintain school and a part time job, but he is rarely home because he would rather be out with other women, and when he is home is is very irritable, and hurtful. I often cry because of this.

What do I do? Do I distance myself and try to ignore what he says?

I told him that he is being very mean and hurtful and that regardless of how stressed out he is, he should not be pushing away what he has left.

What do you guys think?

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Unfortunately, some parents are not always what they should be. I would recommend distancing yourself for now. Definitely don't take to heart what he says... maybe someday when he is not as stressed and is more level headed, you will be able to rebuild a relationship with him. Bottom line, though - you are not the parent nor do you need to be. You have a life of your own that you need to attend to. He'll come around someday.

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