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Drugs and alcohol come and go

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I started smoking weed at about 12 while living at home, but never told the parents i was smoking weed. But anyway I used to be out all weekend with 3 main friends all the time, none of us ever went home until the weekend was done (we usually told our parent that we were going to sleep over at each others place). We usually just bounced around other friends houses or walked accross and all over the city (we'd walk for hours stopping here and there to smoke some weed). We used to stay up for the whole weekend and wouldn't let each other fall asleep 'til sunday (because when your 2 days tired it doesn't take much pot to get you high, I guess we had an over tired high). And this went on for about 3 years. Eventually I lost touch with all of them because my parent split up and I moved away with my mom. I Didn't really want to move, but had no choice. About a year later my mom couldn't stand me anymore so she "gave" me back to my father. And I thought this was the best thing that had ever happened to me, but I soon realized that two of my friends moved away, and really didn't like the other one after hanging around with him for a while, so I stopped hanging around with him. I went to school for a little while but really couldn't focus on anything, I always seemed to be in a sad mood, but couldn't talk to anyone because I didn't want to look like a whiney fool. But I did Meet up with one person in school that I really didn't mind, and we started hanging out. Eventually we both started skipping classes, or leaving after lunch. This is about the time I realized I couldn't smoke weed anymore ( I didn't smoke while living with my mom because I didn't know where to get it), I seemed to either "faint" or feel sick to my stomach, and this wasn't just one time this was every time i tried to smoke, so I quit smoking weed (And still today I can't smoke).


After grade nine I had my learners license, and about half way struggling through grade ten I just said I can't do this anymore, so I dropped out. I had a part time job stocking shelves at a store already. So I got my brother to drive me back and forth to work until I got my full license. At this time we were all drop out's, so we all piched in everything we had and bought a 1/2 ounce and this is how we started to sell. They seemed be able to sell their stuff as fast as I could do mine. I used to much to really make a profit, I always seemed to break even, I usually smoked it with my brother (he use to match me). Than one day my dad asked me if I wanted to go work with him at his place of employment (dad didn't and still doesn't know about this). And I was really excited and quit my other job. Now I had A full time job that paid $3 Dollars an hour over my last one and I have twice the hours. So I saved up and bought a decent reliable car.


Now me and my friends are making runs selling all this and their giving me a "drivers fee". which is working out great. I'm actually starting to save a bit of money and getting free to really cheap . This went on for about 2 years (usually on the weekends). One of them decided to get a job, I decided I didn't want to risk getting charged with selling drugs, and so did he. So we both became just users of the drug, and a short while later the one without the job the relied on his drug money got caught. And so did almost every other drug dealer, at this time my city was really cracking down on the dealers (this was due to the big Meth scare, which we never used). Now we were on our last bit of dope, and if any of you know how paranoid you get of this you'll know why we quit. And again eventually, I lost touch with them. I lived like a hermit in my dads basement for about 2 years. Than one of his rentals became available so I moved into it, this is when I started to drink. My brother used to come over and we'd sometimes smoke some *but eventually we both just started drinking... Because alcohol will keep you happier for a longer period of time. Then I got back in touch with one of my weed smoking buddies and he started coming out to drink, I told him to bring a few people and we'd have a little party... so he did, and one of his friends was my old crack smoking buddy. The Next weekend I told them to both bring people out and I met A load of cool people. So the next weekend I told everyone to bring anyone and my place had about 50 people jammed inside wall to wall. I live on kind of an acreage so partying is extremely easy to do without pissing any "neibours" off. So this went on for a good 3 months (only on the weekends). And it was around this time I was introduced to ecstasy, and it was one of the best drugs that came around my place, we had all kinds of things floating around like mushrooms, coke, speed (meth, I tried it but didn't really like the high)... but all I wanted was to drink and pop tabs.


So I stuck to the ecstasy, and the parties went on for another 5 months, And one morning I woke up and half the in my house was missing (Game consoles, camera, I went through about 5 cell phones during the parties, computer) So I started picking and choosing who got to come into my house, and this seemed to work out fine. And this brings my to just last weekend. There were a bunch of us watching the olympic hockey games (usa vs fin and can vs ussr) And being the good canadian I am I decided I had to get wrecked because my team won... So I staggered out to my car and started driving to the beer store, and I turned a corner that leads to the store and hit another car, (to the best of my knowledge). But I'm sure he just ran out of beer too and thats why he was there. And before you know it the area was full of cop cars. Even before we could talk to each other there was already a cop racing towards the corner where we hit each other. I am pretty sure we could have made a deal with each other to just drive our cars home and accept the losses as we were both drinking ( and no it isn't all my fault he was driving around a car parked on a skinny street so he was in the middle of the road). But that didn't happen So now I lost My License and I THINK I'll have to pay a fine. And yeah... this ends my drinking and tabs use because taxi's cost a lot of money when you live on an acreage. And I really started to think about what could have happened, like what if I killed someone. I could have sat in jail for the rest of my life, I don't think I would last long knowing that I killed someone and tore a family apart. I still haven't gone to court yet, and am dreading the day. I really needed my license for work as I drive back and forth from job to job. So I think I might loose my job, I might just tell the judge to jail me until I have my license again.


So yeah... thats how you do drugs and alcohol and quit drugs and alcohol

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