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Advice for my mother


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My parents have been arguing more and more frequently as of late, and my mom has started coming to me for advice. Now she's started talking to me about her wanting to get divorced from my father.


Even though I'm 20, and capable of understanding the situation. I don't want my parents to try and convince me that one of them is better than the other, or that I should be choosing sides.


The thing is, my mom doesn't understand why I don't want to get involved in this, and she's actually getting angry at me for asking her to not talk about it with me.


I've tried explaining my point of view to her, that I don't want to have to choose sides. That I don't want her telling me things behind my father's back, etc... but she keeps on doing it.


How can I explain to her that she should be using her friends as a support network for this sort of thing and not her children without her getting so agitated?

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