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I miss him so much


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Its been almost 3 months. He wants me back. But it's not that easy. He wasn't good to me. But when he promises he'll change, I can't help but believe him.


I miss my best friend. I wish I could have my best friend back without all the hurt. Every time I meet someone new or go to a new place, without him, it feels so wrong, so strange.


Anyway, there's nothing I can do. I live in a different city so it wouldn't even work. I've forgotten everything bad that happened during our relationship. All I can remember are the good things. And it's just breaking my heart.

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You need to hang in there and stay strong. You two broke up because he was bad to you. Then who cares about the good times you remember.


Take a look at some of my earlier posts on my issues with my ex. I can tell you right now I miss him like hell. He was my best friend too. We had a blast together when it was good. I see him in everything I do. I can't play video games, go out, I can't do anything without thinking about him and how much I miss doing those things with him. But I can't just forget all that stuff he did and put me through. There's alot there. I know I can't just up and take him back if he comes back around for me. I know I'll have to do exactly what I'm telling you to do. And it will break my heart to do so.


Like your guy he'll make promises to change and never will. This might just be a case that you have to let him go.


I would say, listen to what you know deep down. If it's telling you that you know he's not the one and that it won't work out. Don't say "The heck with it. I love him. Let's try again." (Been there done that.) Be strong. Turn away and move on with your life. It will be hard. But you'll be better for it in the long run. Besides,....what are the chances that you'll end up right back where you are now. And while you may still miss him, I'm betting you feel a heck of a lot better than you did when you guys first broke off. Do you want to allow him to do this to you again?


You'll find that special someone and when you do, you won't doubt it. I know that from experience too.

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