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For the women-worried about my period

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Hey all. Last week i noticed that i was due to have my period, as i was down to the last row of pills on my birth control. I wanted to skip my period, so my friend told me that when she wants to do this, she skips the placebo pills in her birth control pack(the last 7 pills) and just starts a new pack. I looked this up online and found that alot of women had done this, so last sunday i started a new pack.


Everything was fine until this past friday, i got my period. It was right around when i usually get it. Only it was heavier than usual and wasnt like how my periods usually are. Usually my period only lasts about 3-4 days, with the heaviest days being the first 2. Im now on day 5 of my period, and its showing no signs of stopping. Im kinda worried. Any thoughts?

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