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I Am Wonderful, Blunderful Me.


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I have to learn to love myself before I can love somebody else. To love myself, I have to come to terms with who I am & what I've done. I've been where I don't belong & with people not deserving of my time. I've lied & let others lie to me. I've told the wrong people my secrets & exposed others secrets. I have trusted the wrong people & have been untrustworthy to others. I've taken advantage & let others take advantage of me. I've done what I shouldn't have & ignored my intuition. I've hated myself & others & let things go way too far & way out of proportion. I've learned too much for my own good & have manipulated others & been ungrateful and selfish. But in the end there's only one of me & I need to make the best of me and who I could be. I need to finally let me learn who I am & break out of this imprisonment of self-hatred, shame and unacceptance. I need to let me love myself, with dignity & poise. I am my own best friend, the only one I can count on & my own biggest fan. I am wonderful blunderful me & I finally love myself.

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