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Major Success Story: Never Give Up Hope

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Hey guys, I don't know if any of you have been following my story.


Basically, a girl messed me up completely- made me fall madly in love with her, used me, and then threw me away. She was on exchange, and then she left me completely shattered at my university, with no friends, no goals in life....


... nothing.


I came on here, got so much support, started reading on how to cope with a break up, and then planned out my life.


Originally I intended to do a masters in Australia, but I decided to literally become "Yes Man" and do EVERYTHING.


Well, one of the opportunities that arose was to run as president of my university's student union.


I planned everything out, the campaign, the policies, and gave it my ALL. I didn't sleep for 72 hours, I held doors open for people. I was in pain, total pain, had headaches, but pushed on. Kept campaigning nonstop....


... AND WON in a landslide!


I went from being a complete unknown to being the hottest commodity on campus. I get nonstop friend requests, have people messaging me congrats left and right.


And now I'm president one of the best universities in the world, of a multimillion dollar building, and representing thousands of students.


The point is, don't stop believing. When one door closes, another opens, and never in my wildest dreams could I believe that this would happen. GET ACTIVE, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST because LIFE DOES GO ON, but you need to get out there and live it.


Part of me wants to call her and gloat, but I think that life has better things planned for me.

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What a fantastic story and congratulations on winning that presidency! It does go to show you how you can turn things around. Certainly onwards and upwards for you my boy!


Should we be calling you Mr President now??!!


Thanks for sharing this mate.

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Hey HS,isnt that my Avatar you have? i found it first

That is great what you have accomplished,Kudos to you! You shouldn't set set yourself back by contacting someone who didnt value you and your relationship enough to stay. Who knows,with all your new friends,someone special may just come along,keep on doing what your doing,only the best will come from it,why not?


Meanwhile since we share the same Av,maybe you can take a look at my post on relationship conflicts and share some insights...just thought i'd ask.

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