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Just found out she liked me..


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So I graduated high school in 2007 and throughout most of my senior year I had the same girlfriend. However during my senior year I met a girl who I really enjoyed being friends with, and after my relationship ended I had an attraction to this new girl. Looking back I probably should have asked this new girl to prom.


Well the summer of 2008 came around and everybody was home from college and me and this girl actually started to hang out and talk more. I took her to a baseball game, got the best seats in the house, paid for her and basically treated her like a princess. A couple days later one of my friends asked her how the game was and she said it was awesome and that she was “treated like royalty”. Well we hungout a couple times before we headed back to school, she said some things that led me to think that there was possibly something more between us, but nothing really concrete. We hungout around Halloween (2008 ) when we were both home, then again around Christmas break, in fact she actually invited me to go to Christmas mass with her family but I had to work.


This entire time I really liked the girl, however I never thought she had those same feelings. She is the outgoing, social, popular type and I was more of the shy, introverted type. Well here it is the beginning of 2010 and I just found out from a mutual friend of ours that she actually did like me back when we were hanging out with each other. Now most people would just laugh and shrug it off (like I’ve done in similar situations) but I really liked this girl. I always said that if there was one girl I would want to be with it was her because she has basically everything I like in a girl. She doesn’t really get a lot of attention from guys, she’s 6’1” and is a college basketball player so I’m guessing most guys are afraid of the height issue and just see her as “one of the guys” I actually don’t think she’s ever had a boyfriend. However I’m 6’2 and I am really attracted to her so there’s none of those issues that most guys would have with her.


I haven’t actually seen her since like last April, she goes to school about 12 hours a way so it’s not like I can take a quick trip and see her. I haven’t really talked to her since April except for when she wished me a happy bday and told me she missed me in September. She’s been home a couple times (Christmas (09) and random occasions) but never said anything to me. Now that I know she had something for me back in the day I really want to start communicating again with her for the hope that maybe something could happen between us.


Does it sound like getting back in touch with her and hanging with her again when she’s back from school in a couple months would be good and could lead to something, or is it too late?? Thanks

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