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I've been searching for a post similar to the question I want to ask but can't seem to find one.


My ex and I have been FWB since September of last year but recently things have changed between us. He used to always leave right after but lately he has been staying for long periods of time (as in days) and doing things that are not necessarily in the "FWB area".


He does talk about other girls he likes and I've chimed in with guys I've been interested in but whenever he leaves (like he did 30 minutes ago) I can't help but wonder if there is more to us than just being sex buddies.


He sometimes talks about our relationship and I can see how the things I did hurt him. He was so happy to show me off to his parents while I never even introduced him to mine. I picked fights with him and I know I mistreated him. But that was years ago. I've changed. We've never gone out with anyone else and although I've had many men ask me, I just couldn't take that next step with anyone else.


I don't think an ultimatum or a big "reveal" of my feelings will work at all but that's where I want you guys to chime in. Is this even worth it? Should I show him that I've changed? Is it ok for me to ask him on a date? I'm confused. The good thing is that we won't be able to "see" (we have a class together) each other for about 5 weeks which gives me time to think about things.


Thank you guys

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It is extremely hard to be FWB with an ex for long because it does get too confusing.


But you can't assume anything, and the only thing that really helps is to be honest with each other so that there are no misunderstandings. Don't look for 'signs' or 'clues', but instead communicate.


You might say to him that you'd like to go on a real date with him again, rather than just FWB stuff and see what he says. It's a simple enough question, and based on what he says and how he acts after you say it, it will let you know where his head is right now.

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