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Fruit flush

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There were a couple of posters interested in doing the three day fruit flush with me on Monday (tomorrow).




Record your weight first thing in the AM after going to the bathroom. Post it here if you dare!


Here is the information that you need:


Shopping List:


(Purchase organic foods when available.)


_____ 16 oz whey protein or egg white protein powder (see ingredients to avoid, below)


_____ Fresh fruit of choice


_____ Raw salad vegetables (variety is important)


_____ 1 a v o c a d o (if used as a salad topping)


_____ Olive oil or flax seed oil (for salad dressing)


_____ 2 lemons or limes


_____ 1-2 gallons pure water


_____ 3-6 oz chicken, fish, turkey, or lean beef


_____ 4-8 egg whites (if you prefer, in place of lean chicken, fish, turkey, or beef)




Here is a list of ingredients to avoid in a protein powder. The protein powder you choose should provide, in a single serving, 24 grams of protein per ounce (28.35 grams).




Calcium caseinate

Sodium caseinate




Acesulfame potassium




Evaporated cane juice

Artificial flavors and/or colors


NOTE from uncomfynumb: I use the low sugar version of Designer Whey Chocolate and don't obesse about the sugar. Just find a good protein supplement that is as close to the requirments as possible.


I also don't do the lemon juice, instead I use cider vinegar. I actually emailed Jay Robb about this and he said it was ok to substitute.


Serving Sizes




Some nutritionists believe in only eating low-carb or low-glycemic fruits due to the belief that sweet fruits, such as bananas and grapes, can overload the system with sugar. Because you are only eating one serving of fruit every two hours and it is a fact that fructose enters the bloodstream at a relatively slow rate, on the FRUIT FLUSH, you may confidently choose whatever whole, fresh, raw, natural fruit you choose without fear of overloading your system.


Juice is NOT ALLOWED on the FRUIT FLUSH, nor is dried fruit, both of which are too concentrated for use with this program. * * * * * * * s, which are rich in fat, are only allowed in the evening with your salad.






Apples -- 2 medium


Mango -- 1 large or 2 small


Apricots -- 6 medium


Nectarines -- 2 small


Banana -- 1 medium


Oranges -- 2 medium


Blackberries -- 1.5 cups


Peaches -- 3 medium


Blueberries -- 1.5 cups


Pears -- 1 medium


Cantaloupe -- 2 cups cubed


Pineapple -- 1 cup


Cherries -- 1 cup


Plums -- 3 medium


Grapefruits -- 2 large


Raspberries -- 1.5 cups


Grapes -- 1 cup (or 15-18 grapes)


Strawberries -- 2 cups


Honeydew -- 2 cups cubed


Tomatoes -- 4 medium


Kiwifruits -- 2 medium


Watermelon -- 2 cups (cubed or balled)


During the entire three days of the FRUIT FLUSH, you should become slightly hungry every 2 hours, at which time you will eat. This eating pattern fuels your body and keeps you from ever being overly hungry.


On Day 1, the series of protein drinks will stoke your metabolism, lower your glycogen levels, and force your body to burn fat as part of its energy needs.


On Days 2 and 3, fruit will power your body while cleansing and purifying the cells and organs. Plus, the protein drinks and fresh fruit are high in water content, which, in turn, will help keep your system hydrated.




Mix 1 1/4 cup of whey protein or egg white protein powder (your flavor of choice) with 1 quart (32 ounces) pure water. Shake, blend, or stir, and store in a sealed container in a cool place.


The protein powder you choose should contain approximately 24 grams of protein per one-ounce serving. If you choose an egg white protein, you may wish to add the herb stevia to naturally enhance the perceived sweetness without increasing carbohydrate content.


Before pouring each glass of protein as outlined below, lightly shake or stir the container to re-mix the protein drink.


8AM -- 6-oz glass of protein mix

10AM -- 6-oz glass of protein mix

NOON -- 6-oz glass of protein mix

2PM -- 6-oz glass of protein mix

4PM -- 6-oz glass of protein mix

6PM -- 3-6 cups raw vegetable salad and 3-6 oz of lean chicken, fish, turkey, or beef or scramble 4-8 egg whites in 1 tsp olive oil. Top the salad with 1-2 tbs olive or flax seed oil (or ½ * * * * * * * ) and the juice of ½ lemon or lime or vinegar.


NOTE: Drink an 8 to 12-ounce glass of water one hour after you consume each protein drink or meal. (If this doesn’t quench your thirst, you may consume more water.)




8AM -- 1 serving fresh fruit

10AM -- 1 serving fresh fruit

NOON -- 1 serving fresh fruit

2PM -- 1 serving fresh fruit

4PM -- 1 serving fresh fruit

6PM -- 3-6 cups raw vegetable salad. Top the salad with 1-2 tbs olive or flax seed oil (or ½ * * * * * * * ) and the juice of ½ lemon or lime. Consume 1 protein drink mixed, as follows: 12 oz pure water, 5 tbs high-quality whey or egg white protein powder, Stir and drink slowly


NOTE: Drink an 8- to 12-ounce glass of water one hour after you consume each fruit meal. (If this doesn’t quench your thirst, you may consume more water.)

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Well day 1 ... well morning anyway. I weighed myself this morning. I guess its not worth weighing myself until the end of the 3 days. Anyhow I was 9st 1lb (127lbs)


I love my cup of tea in the morning (how English of me!!) so instead I had some hot water and lemon ... is that OK do you think?

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Yes I had salad and chicken. I must say I feel a bit tired today but both me and my 4 year old now have colds so I don't think that is helping. Its probably not the ideal time to do it but I am determined to see it through.


Right, I'm off for my fruit breakfast now!

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I lost 1 1/2 lbs yesterday. Not sure if that is actual weight loss or just not having the usual amount of food working its way through my body!! I haven't weighed myself today.


And welcome on board mandyc. As I'm in the UK I think uncomfynumb will be best to answer your question on where to get the powder from. Even though we will be finished you can still post on here to help give you incentive.

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Thanks Jelly, I know you guys are done but thought I'd give it a try. Did it work well for you?


So I'm starting at 135 I bought some chocolate flavored whey protein, it is only 20 grams of protein per serving not 24, but it was one of the only ones I could find that didn't have casein in it, and it does have some sugar. It is 130 cals per serving, does that sound high or about right?


When I start the fruit tomorrow is it ok to mix them? Like have a cup mixed of pineapple and strawberries together? Or should I only be eating one fruit at a time?


Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the plan, so far so good!

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Uncomfynumb can probably answer your questions better but I don't see why you can't mix the fruits. I chopped and changed things slightly and still managed to lose 1 1/2 lbs in one day. I will myself again tomorrow morning.


I struggled today though. I've not been feeling very well, really flu-like plus I have a sick 4 year old at home who also kept me awake last night. I had to take some medication in the end but then I felt really sick!! I decided that I probably needed something more substantial to line my stomach. I didn't have anything too heavy but I had to deviate from the detox diet slightly. I have still tried to stick to it as much as possible though.


Whatever it has kicked started my diet again!! I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and let you know the results tho I expect they won't be the best achievable.

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Hi Mandyc! I think the protein shake will be fine and you can mix te fruit as long as you stay within the serving requirements. For example, if it call for one cup of something, you can mix two half cups of something or 4 1/4 cups (don't know what that would amount to though.


I've been doing this diet off and on for 3 or 4 years and always get good results. One of the best things about it is if you can stick to the diet like glue, you feel really motivated at the end.


I hate to say it but I messed mine up at the end of day two because I had some over the counter cold and flu syrup and that was not good. Then this afternoon, my boss asked me to lunch to talk business and I could not decline.


So I am going to try again in a couple of weeks if not next. My boss will be out of town for a week or two so it will be easier.

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Well I have a whole lot of protein powder now lol so I'd be up to doing it again with you in the next week or two or so.


I did well today, I had only 3 servings of the protein since I didn't buy it til mid morning. I had a big salad and salmon tonight. I felt fine all day until I worked out right before dinner and I got light headed and felt a little dizzy for awhile, but other than that no problems. I'm excited to start tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting this!

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Well I will give it another go. I managed to lose 2.5lbs overall which isn't bad in 3 days, especially when I had to deviate slightly in the end due to a bug too.


I have to say that life does have a habit of getting in the way of any diet. My daughter is making a fruit crumble at school and last week she made flap jacks .... I can't really not try them when she comes home from school proud of her efforts and it is so damn difficult sticking to any form of diet when I still have to cook good solid meals for the girls but posting on here has been a real incentive to keep it up ... whether I deviate slightly or not!


Mandyc, I'm sure I read somewhere (on a link that uncomfynumb sent me or posted somewhere else) that you aren't meant to exercise while you are on this diet, that is probably why you felt lightheaded. If I were you I wouldn't exercise again until you are done with this diet. Anyhow keep us posted as it will keep you motivated.

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Well so far I really like this diet and it has been relatively easy for me to stick to (I don't have kids or work or anything, so the only thing I have to deal with is family meals and making them understand it is only a 3 day thing) I would love to do this with you girls again and start at the same time as everyone.


As of today I am down 2 pounds, which I'm surprised but happy about. I'm going on vacation this weekend though and am hoping I don't gain everything right back.


Thanks for letting me post, it really does help when you have people to check in with!

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End of day 2. I had 3 servings of fruit today and had my salad and protein shake a couple hours ago. I'm pretty hungry right now and everything sounds good. Guess I'm just posting to help keep me going.


Did you guys go right back to normal eating after you got past day 3? I'm afraid I will end up over eating.

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No, I'm sticking to a diet. I have wanted to lose a few unwanted lbs for some time so this has helped me kick start it. I do try to eat healthy anyway most of the time but my downfall is picking at the kids' dinners and the odd little snack here and there. I'm trying to cut out too many carbs now as a back end to this diet in the hope of losing a few more pounds ... tho it will no doubt take longer. I guess you can go back to eating normally again though.


Don't forget to post your final results. I think I lost the most in the first day.

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