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I believe I'm a pretty decent person. And by "decent" I mean by like... normal standards. Everyone does * * * * they're not exactly proud of, hey me too. This has probably nothing to do with the rest of this first entry, I'm just saying it. Whatever, bro.


Because of my mild(ish) social anxieties, it's always pretty hard for me to meet people. But it seems like every new semester brings this wave of new guys that I wold like to invest my emotions into like a safe at a really really unstable bank that gambles its patrons hearts away like it has an addiction. Thats how I view dating. Could be an unhealthy view. Unsure.


Anyway there is this adorable guy who sits next to me in my Chaucer class.

There is a newer guy I just met who has a girlfriend. (Oh how many horrible ways could that end?)

There is one who I have known for a while but he lives an hour away and he probably doesn't view me as anything more than a friend. How do girls get friend-zoned, I thought that was exclusively for men! No one told me!


None of these dudes will probably end up in my bed ever in my life but I can dream! =;


To top it all off, I do not like Saturday Night Live. I don't know who keeps paying to renew the seasons but I would like to write a strongly worded letter to them.

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I haven't talked to the guy in my Chaucer class! I am too shy too, although he used to sit way the heck accross the class and now he's all up next to me. This is either because 1) He has caught me looking at him before and is expressing some sort of interest or 2) His glasses aren't working anymore and he needs to sit in the front. (:

As a side note, I'm almost positive he's gotta be in his mid to late 20's, too. So a couple years older than I am at best.


Anyway, a friend is coming over today after his classes get out. He's re-familiarizing me with the world of Pokemon. This isn't a metaphor for "have sex". Although I wish it was. O


His girlfriend just recently broke up with him too, so maybe we'll get tubs of icecream and watch spanish soap operas together.


This forum has some spectacularly appropriate emoticons.

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