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Places to go out only as friends


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Hello everyone

There is a girl at work who im friends with and its crazy how many things we have in common. We both find each other attractive, there are however two things stopping us from going out 1)her boyfriend (who works with us) 2) im 21 and she is 26.


So ive made my decision to not pursue things with her because its a lost cause at this time, and its been hard but im getting over her. I have good days and bad days. I have been asking her to hang out with me to which she has been saying yes but plans never get made.


So a few days ago i did one of the hardest things i have ever done and told her it was only as friends. From then onwards things were different with us. She was alot more responsive to hanging out, and after i said it to her well alot of my feelings subsided (they are still there but no where near as intense). I guess its because i finally made it a reality.


Anyway a few things i wanted to ask 1) is this a good idea, it seems a shame to leave someone out of my life that i have so much in common with. I can honestly say ive never instanly gotten along with someone this quickly and easily, and i have never met somenone with so much in common to me.


2)We might be going running together in a few weeks, but apart from that where are some good places to hang out that aren't like dates. She doesnt really go out drinking much and i dont think she is big on coffee. Any ideas????

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dinner and movie? i mean honestly ive done many dinner and movies or lunches with the opposite sex - the way its not a date is because its not a 'date'. theres really no 'non date' places . i mean...when you date , youre dating a 'realllly' good friend right? lol


exercise is good activity for friends but youve already got that covered in the coming weeks. maybe suggest something like ice cream after work one day? just start with quick little things like that.

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