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Do I exist? I'm not questioning whether or not I'm alive or real or what reality even is, but rather

how my existence matter? I've lived in a cage for all of my life without ever truly spreading my

wings - so what meaning have my life had to anyone else? I've often wondered whether or not I even

have any wings to spread to begin with, or rather if the ones I have are like a rainbow in that it

is a beautiful illusion - but an illusion nonetheless.


I'm a prisoner of my own mind, and limited by it. Constantly thinking that it will take nothing less

than a miracle to break free of my shackles, and therefore having made that assumption a reality. A

reality in my mind, and thus a reality from which I can break free from - but just how many walls

must I break down before I reach my true self? Is it even possible to do so on my own?


I feel myself getting further and further away from my heart, freezing it, condemning it to an

eternal winter. Growing numb to my feelings, spawning only a resentment towards myself and inspiring

indifference. With the isolation I have chosen for myself only fostering my depression, it seems

only a matter of time now.




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If your existence matters to you or if you do get to know yourself are things that you won't be able to enjoy if you are depressed.


That's the first step, if your thoughts and feelings are not positive about who you are or about your future you need support from somebody in your life.


Even if many things in this world ended up being an illusion it can still have beautiful things that will make you happy, don't give up, there's no reason for you to leave when there's a lot you can find out there.

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