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how to like a person without expecting anything?


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im not into romantic relationship anymore, just for this moment in my life. but i cant help liking a guy now. its so obvious to myself that i like him as i havent felt like this for months. he seems to be playing along well too. im trying not to show much about myself, but he asks alot about me and he finds me very interesting so he said. both sides seem to want to know each other more and as much as we can. im trying to 'be in control' so i tend to lie to him that i have to go, so that i can pull myself out from hving a good convo with him and get my mind off him. AT THE SAME TIME i know some part of me wants to pull out so that he misses me more. sometimes i know what i want (just to be his friend). but sometimes i dont know what in the world im trying to do or prove to myself! i just know that i like him alrdy! there was once i decided to appear offline and i went shopping for the whole day.... but i caught myself checking my FACEBOOK thru my mobile. and guess what, he sent me a msg there saying that he likes my new profile pic. i was so happy.....but seriously, i dont want to keep expecting more and more. the more i expect and the more he 'gives'......and sometimes like frikkin NOW, IM EXPECTING HIS MSG AND I HVNT GOTTEN ANY YET. its abit too harsh to stop myself from liking him. i wont try to stop liking him, but i think i can try to stop EXPECTING...... but how?

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