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It been a while since I last logged in aroung the Christmas season. From my last postings I was complaining about my girlfriends ex who is the father of her children that the courts gave TC to in June of last year. This was done on the part of the father as it now comes out for all the wrong reasons and it did not have nothing to do with the best interest of the kids. He took them out of their home town moved them into a small country town.


It was all about trying to get my girl back with him.


He has basically lost everything- his car impounded due to driving on revoked DL; wrecked his current g-friends SUV; lost his job and apartment; arrested for DUI and had her 2nd car impounded; Not to importantly mention leaving the kids home alone on different occasions during the early am hours to do drugs.


This loser is no threat to anyone but himself and those around him.


I reflect back and realize my girl remained poised and watchful during this eight month sharade he demonstrated to the courts as the fit parent while at the same time always speaking in a condescending manner of her and assuming an air of superiority cause he had the kids. I felt that he was a thorn in our side and would not go away. His once fierce and intense efforts to win over my girl have sizzled like the pipe he smokes on into thin air.


He has given back the daughter she never liked him because he forced them to live with him and the son feels the same. Now he lives with girlfriend #6 since June and does intermittent bootleg tattoos.


It's like this: Choose and be chosen. If someone does not love me I sure wouldn't want to be with them because won't none of the kisses, lovemaking, or just trying to be together will not feel right in any way...



Court is due in session this coming week and stay tuned for updates as the presiding judge is thoroughly informed of everything related to the best interests of the children.


I am open to any comments & thank you all

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Its a real shame scum like that manage to even be allowed near children. But justice will be done my father was exactly like that when I was young and the forced relationship with him was awkward and didn't feel right and I just wanted to be with my mum. Good luck and all the best

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