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ladies and premenstrual syndrome ...?????

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Hi there to all.Im back again ... i needed to ask some of the ladies here about something that has started to really bother me the last year or something.


Its all about menstrual periods.

I got them when i was 14 years old. I didnt have any problems, like pain or stress or irritation , nothing...its just that it leasted a bit longer from 5-7or 8 days, but it was all normal form me.After my 20-s i started to notice some changes ...like pain in my back...nausea...feeling dizzy ..and strong pain in the end of my stomack...very low blood pressure...but i could handle all this disturbations.

Now that im 27 ..and starting from the last year..ive noticed that i have only strong stomach ache but i take medicine to release the pain...but the mail problem now is that i have other huge syptoms 7-10 days before i get the menstrual periods like: i feel anxiety ,stress, i feel angry , irritated ,i feel powerless , not concentrated on things,lach of interes to things i like to do in usual...i withdrow myself from family and frineds...i start thinking in a negative way...with other words...im not MEall these days and i feel this way for two weeks. I asked my mother if we have had a relative -female who had suffered the same ..she said no....


These days afect my all life, my daily life, my social life, my work life, my all life...and i become angry and upset very fast and i feel much more sensitive than im usually (even if im a very sensitive person).



Does anyone else has the same problems nd the same syptomes?????


How can i get rid of 'em?

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I do, but not all the time.


I used to have the most tremendous pain when I was younger and I had to take prescribed medication as over-the-counter types weren't strong enough. I was also very heavy and lasted over 7 days. After I had a baby the pain stopped completely and my periods were less heavy ... only lasting 4 days or so.


After a few more years I noticed that I sometimes would get very light-headed and would often have bad headaches and feel extremely tired. I went to the doctor to see if I was anemic (as I was throughout my pregnancies) but although he said I might well be he never took it any further as he thought womens problems were mostly psychological!!


I can also have terrible mood swings but not every month. Some months are worse than others.


I have noticed my body react differently over the years during my period and I heard somewhere that (I think it may have been every 7 years) our bodies go through hormone changes. Perhaps its these hormone changes that make our reactions to a monthly cycle different.


It sounds as though some of your syptoms may suggest you are anemic. Perhaps you should go to your doctor and if you are he will prescribe some iron tablets for you. Otherwise .... ie. for you mood swings ... you could try some herbal rememdies designed specifically for the menstrual cycle. I have heard these can be quite effective.

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[...] It sounds as though some of your syptoms may suggest you are anemic. Perhaps you should go to your doctor and if you are he will prescribe some iron tablets for you. [...]


Yep. Are your periods heavy? Anemia is more dangerous than I ever knew. I had fibroids that were no big deal until they grew and caused not only the symptoms you describe, but eventually hair loss and pale skin--I looked like I was on chemotherapy.


Anemia can stop your heart. Turns out I was one iron dose away from being hospitalized. Not the kind of iron you get in a multivitamin; I needed mega doses of Feosol several times a day. That's the kind of iron prescribed for anemic pregnant women. It felt like someone had given me oxygen--I started feeling better immediately, but I needed to stay on mega doses for months to build iron stores in the body.


In my case, I needed surgery for the fibroids, but there are much less radical ways of treating them. Ask your doctor whether you have them, and get a full blood and pelvic workup.

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my mother who is a nurse and has worked many years in maternity says that i would be feeling so much better after the birth of my first child....means i need a pregnancy and give birth to a child....which is not possible since im single ....and may be for a long time...since than....

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