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I'm starting to dislike my ex.

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who initiated the break up?


I dont like my ex at all. dont hate her, but dont like her so i dont think its uncommon.


She broke up with me but i dont think she likes me either, all though the reasons i dont know yet, after the split i went mia and havent spoken to her since

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If you hate him you hate him.

You can not deny feelings and say that you just dislike him because people say it's a bad thing to hate your ex.


Regardless of who it is, if someone deos someone incredibly hurtful to you, you are allowed to hate them.


I hate my ex.

I never wanted to but what she did to me is a definite reason to hate.


I'm sorry to hear your ex did the psycho personality change on you too.

Seeming like you are looking at the same person but the brain has been switched.


My ex ended up being called dysfunctional by her friends and parents so i think I know who is the sane one here.

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only starting to dislike? has the break up been a short while ago? isnt it odd to look at the same person and have a totally different feeling then ya used to.


i for one straight up hate my ex. and yea i was forced to..it isnt really my choice. somtime i know some people want to shake their ex and be like hey man..wuts wrong with your brain? its malfunctioning hardcore!!

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