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i dont know if i should reply

i dont know what this means

please tell me


so my ex is on the rebound,

last week, i went to very low contact.


then she started sending me texts,

first just saying that she couldnt take it anymore

then saying that she misses me, and so on,

by the end of the week she had sent me texts saying that

she loves me and wants to be with me, that she misses me soo much,

that i completed her and shes not happy right now, that she doesnt know what to do. se even called me one night crying just to hear my voice she said. i acted really normal and she even cried louder and said it hurt her to hear me treat her like a friend.

the next day after that she shows up at my house, crying saying the same things over and over, i tried to play it safe, i would only rub her back and not get to close, when i would try to pull away she would pull me closer, and hug me. long story short we ended up having sex twice.

she even slept at my house for a while.

later that night she still kept sending me texts saying the same things.

the next morning her boyfriend contacted me asking me if i had seen her that week?

i told her, she didnt care. she even said she had been thinking about me all day and that what we had done was one of the most beautifull things we have shared.


i decided to go to no contact again for obvious reasons,

(she is still going out with that guy)


then after one day of contact!

this happens.


first she called and a friend answered because i was in the bathroom.

he said she sounded sad,

i didnt call her back of course.


then she sent me a text saying


"hey sorry to bother you, i see your busy with your friends, but i feel weird and thought of talking to you because i have a lot to tell you, but i guess ill just tell you another day, bye."


then she sent one saying


" never mind i understand its not ok to bother you and you probably dont care about my problems hahaha im an idiot for calling you, its just that i imagined for a second that i could call you, but now i realize that you didnt want to answer and so your friend answered and thats great that you can ignore me, i think i need friends like yours. take care, bye"


then after that she called me again,

i answered because then it would be to obvious and childish if i didnt,

she sounded weird and i asked her what was up. she asked me why i didnt call back

i told her that i thought she was going to call me another day like her text said, then i asked her what was up with the second text? why she said that, then she hung up after a moment of silence...


she then texted me again saying


"sorry i understand that you dont want to nor have a reason why to talk to me, but im losing it. i'll see if i call you when i come back from canada (she is going on march 19 for spring break), i find it easier to forget you now that you are ignoring me, so thanks, and well i sincerly hope everything goes great for you, bye."

(thats funny because when i first started the n-c thats what i said to her)


then she sent one saying

"you told me i could talk to you when ever i needed you, and i need you now and you are ignoring me. i hate you"


each one of theese was around 10 minutes apart.

i didn't reply to a single one,

was it ok to do so?

or should i have replied with simple short answeres??

its obvious it hurt her to see me ignore her,


i dont think she really hates me,

i know she loves me,







help any one ?

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well it was i guess a combination of things,

but basicaly we had problems during our last month,

we broke up the 27th of jan,

i had been stressed lately because of school and training.

i wasn't taking care of our relationship and i guess i kinda hurt her feelings,

on our anniversary (jan 16th)

i made her cry, it was really silly.

i said she looked fat, =S but not because she did, we were out having dinner and i was looking at her thru some funky windows which made her look funny,

i told her why i said it but it didnt help much.

she met this guy right around this period,

probably 2 days before or a week at most,


we had a very strong relation, she doesnt have any friends.

so she spent all her time with me,

every day, all most all day.


so like the rebound theory goes, i left a great void to fill in her life,

the guy was there to distract her from eveything and gave her a great ego boost.

they have probably officially been going out for three weeks,

since they have met he has gone head first into the relationship.

he bought her an iphone and is paying her phone bill.

he ha bought her a closet full of new clothes,

he moved in with her neighbhor just to spend more time with her,

her car broke down and he now gives her rides everywhere.

a friend of mine told me that she had talked to her and said that he was even going to leave his job just to be with her more time.

when we first broke up she tried to do everything to forget me,

she erased me from her face book, myspace, twitter, etc.

erased all our picture. etc.



i feel like maybe she doesnt want to hurt him,

she did say things like that he doesnt understand her and he doesnt complete her like i do. but then again its all words and no actions.

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