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Left with a bittersweet taste


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Me and this girl were dating for 1yr and 8months. It was a long distance relationship, but we were close enough to see each other often. She was pretty much head over heels in love with me, and me not knowing how to deal with that, kind of pushed her away. Last month, i got a call from her crying saying she cant do this anymore and she needs time. We broke up on and off throughout the relationship, but for some reason i could never go to anyone else, because i truly love her. Shes been inadvertently playing with my mind ever since. Whenever we see each other, we still hug and she kisses me and tells me i mean so much to her and im special to her. I gave her some space, but we still have talks that just feel real, she brings up the relationship and i still have hope. Right now, shes going through alot, with a loved one passing, and im not pushing hard on the relationship at all. I drove through a snow storm to be with at the wake and funeral for her, and she was happy. She was still kissing on me and introducing me to everyone as her boyfriend. Shes at the point now, shes telling my frineds she kind of resents me, because she fought, and pleaded for me to be this way the whole relationship, and now that i am it almost feels too late. She hasn't said its over, she just needs it to be right now. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be with her, and am moving 5 mins from her in the next few days. I know the only thing i can do is wait, and be there for her but any advice would help, thank you.

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