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how to stop expecting him to like me?!cause d more i expect the more i worry!!


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this guy finds me very interesting and loves talking to me at the same time finds me attractive and we hv loads in common. well he lives sumwhere with big hours difference from where i live. 2 days ago i found out by MY OWN that he is kind of taken. so i got pretty upset (i tried not to be as i just want to treat him like a good fren). my mood changed when he explained to me his relationship with the girl (and no i didnt let him know that i was upset and it wasnt me who started the topic). it wasnt really a good news but it's not that bad to me. he said he is not sure if it's called girlfriend. used to but then he shifted. says he suck at being a bf, and he dislikes long distance and said theres no point since he has different interests with her and not planning to settle down so soon. he claimed that he has explained to her, but SHE IS WILLING TO WAIT. i told him she may get hurt and try not to hurt her. he says he doesnt want to hurt her in any way and doesnt want her to wait blindly. he says they hvnt spoken for weeks and he feels bad. from then on i feel better.... i dont know, we click reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly well as if only he and i are from the same world. ive dealt with diff men for months and none of them have my interest. anyway, im very sure that he and i wont work out as we dislike long distance relationship. all i want is him to be part of my life cause ever since i met him, he gives me hope and he drives me to work towards my goal again. i know things wont get messy if we remain friends. he keeps saying that we woud be great friends and i love it when he says that. during our last convo, i decided to pull myself out from the convo to show him that i dont stay online just because of him and that i reaaaaaaaly treating him as a friend. so i said i have to go and do my stuff. he then said "ok im off to bed too. hey im gonna meet up with u when i land back, i think u are very interesting. u can then follow me back and i can bring u around ( the place he lives).

what am i ACTUALLY expecting? i thought i alrdy told myself that he and i are not going to HAPPEN! i caught myself checking the girl out on Facebook and comparing myself to her.... she's really pretty.. but then i remember him saying their interests are different.... where we have loads in common sometimes we think it's creepy. when i remind myself that he finds me attractive too, i'd start to worry if he prefers her kind of attraction or mine. she's the girly girl type, where im the sporty girly type. i remember him saying he likes celebs like jessica biel. well im more of a jess biel than the girl... ahhaha i sound so mean but really, im telling the truth that has been on my mind.

how do i stop expecting him to like me? i think i did a great job that i didnt 'BLOCK' him online or acted moody after i found out that he is 'taken'. i play it cool when we talk.... he thinks im strong but actually im weak where i find myself thinking bout him when he's not online and looking through his pics. i think i need to stop all these actions as it is making feelings go deeper.HELP!!!!

ps: yes we met online but he's not a total stranger. we have many mutual friends that i was close to that he is currently close to.

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