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An unattractive attitude.


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I'm not a bad looking dude, which is why I can always make a successful introduction, but I've noticed that there's a problem right after.


Soon after the initial interest, whatever I do, I do it wrong. Because the person generally does lose interest very quickly.


Now either I don't put enough effort into an interaction (which is possible), or I'm being over-confident or pushy in an interaction (also possible)...


Or when I do successfully meet a person, they always talking about hanging out later, but I never really set anything up and they generally lose interest. Which I think makes sense.. though I don't see why I have to make ALL the effort all the time.


I dunno. I get lost in all this interaction. Being a marketer, I'm so used to analyzing people and trying to predict their next action that I guess I do something out of the ordinary.


Never really hard for me to meet people successfully, but to keep them around seems to be a bit of an issue for me.


Not to mention that it seems like every kind of crowd I meet, I can't seem to take an interest in.



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Good step towards self-awarness Russ.


You could be right about being over-confident and pushy.


I recently met this guy, not very attractive but I was more interested in his mind. I had not decided what kind of relationship (friendship, possible business parter...) as I was not attracted to him. I must say, his pompous attitude was evident from the first time but I decided to give him a chance. The 2nd time around, he was worse. Totally unattractive behaviour! From constantly flaunting his assets to illtreating security guards and waiters. That was it for me! Otherwise, he's an intelligent guy.


Think the best thing to do is to ask trusted close friends and acquaintances tell you what they think you can do better in social circles. I've done that to and the responses were shocking but true because everybody said the same things. The trick is to acknowledge your flaws and have a change plan. Its not easy!

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Thanks for the advice


Perfect, I actually have a gay friend, and although he's always said he'd want to get me together with any one of his friends, he always seems SO protective when I talk to them. Guess it's time to ask him.



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