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Can somebody tell me why in the world my ex still "love me"?


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Last year in January I met this man(let's call him tom). He was very nice and sweet to me and I really started to like him. On the 1st day we met he told me he loved me and of course I didn't believe him but as we got closer I started to "love" him also but now when I think about it it probably wasn't real love since I only knew him for a few days. I think I tricked myself and made myself believe that I loved him because I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved.


Anyway, our "relationship" got off to a rocky start because we argued a lot about really pointless things. Not too long after these arguements I found out he had told this other girl and I quote "I love you and every second I think how can I live without you". Naturally I was heart broken and I was stupid enough to forgive him because of the arguements we were having.


So from there we starting to improve our relationship so it wouldn't happen again and it worked and we didn't argue at all for a while but that didn't stop him from going behind my back again but this time it was much worse. I found out that he had another girlfriend for about a month. She found out about me and broke up with him and I did the same. Tom actually had the nerve to ask me to talk to the other girl and convice her not to leave him because he loves her and I was once again stupid enough to do it even though I was in pieces and I just wanted to push him in traffic..


From there we've just been friends. Sometimes i'll be mad at him because of the past and because of my unstable emotions and sometimes we have nice conversations. Recently I asked him if he loves me and yeah said yes which is weird because not too long ago he loved some other and girl and another girl before that while he was still with me. So I really don't understand why this man who hurt me so badly not once but twice would still "love me" Is he just trying to get back with me? Playing around with me to make me happy? I don't get it and I'm way too depressed for his crap.

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I'm sorry you're going through this right now.


However, please do yourself a favor and just forget him. As harsh as it sounds, he does not love you, nor does he love the other girls he was messing with. In fact, he has no idea about what love is.


Stop wasting your time on someone who isn't willing to waste their time on you. There are plenty of better guys out there who are willing to give you what you deserve.


Hang in there hun.

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