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Is she doing this?


I just transferred half year ago to this new school and have been absolutely swamped with work lately.


So, next year I told my g/f that I want to join a community service club/program or two. Something I did back in high school and really did enjoy it.


Her response is.... "oh hmmm interesting.....". It kinda made me feel like she feels like I am out to find someone new or something... like come on..



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It's probably nothing. I know a lot of guys who literally cause their own problems by reading things that aren't there. A million different things could be going through her head. Maybe she wants to spend more time with you, maybe she doesn't understand why you want to join a club, maybe she thinks you're a workaholic, maybe she does think it's interesting, maybe she wasn't listening and was saying that to be polite, etc etc.


Bottom line, it was a tiny phrase, don't worry about it. Not everything is a big deal, and usually things are worse in our minds than in real life. Just calm down, you're probably stressed and overworked.

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