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Weird-ish Question


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OK, so I meant to put this into one of my previous threads about this girl I like in college.


I'm going to see her on Wednesday & i'm in two minds at the moment on if i'm gonna say something.


I pm-ed Housekitten as she was very helpful in another thread, but thought i'd post this here also.


On my first day in college (her 4th week...i was late to start) the lecturer took me into class, said "let's see, what group shall we put you in?". He scanned the room & said "Oh, you are getting a welcoming smile from that group".


When I turned around, she was sitting there beaming at me. Think I had a stroke as i could barely speak for the next 10 mins, lol.


Anyway...We got handed a personality test where you rate yourself 1 - 7 on different traits. There was a section on flirtation & she said "Flirtatious?" She looked at me and said "Oh, i'm very flirtatious".


Later she drew attention to her stomach, lifted her shirt a little and said something to turn my head to look.


A couple months ago, we got split into separate groups for one class. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, looking back at me (about 25 times). I wasn't even brave enough to glance over. I did once (when the lecturer made a joke) and she reacted by giving me this kinda laughy, open mouthed look (was kinda weird actually, lol)


Just wondered what people thought might be behind these things? On paper i'd say she was interested, but still not sure, lol


That same day, on the test there was a question on sexuality. I laughed and explained that recently i'd been asked a few times if i'm gay.


Not a problem for me really & it's became a running joke between us. She herself has teased me (i think) about believing that I may be bisexual.


So..my other question is...Do you think this perception of my sexuality is something that has the potential to put her off me...or any guy?


She's not as flirty as she had been early on. I've been trying to swing it back that way recently. I guess I never reciprocated much at the start as i'd recently been hurt & my confidence had taken a huge knock.


Keen to get opinions.

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Since you haven't been responding very positively to her flirting, and happened to mention that several people have speculated that you might be gay...I have to say yes. She probably feels that you're dropping her a "hint" that you're not very interested in her overtures.


If you're interested, you might ask her out on a date. Otherwise, you might lose this one. Good luck, and keep us posted...

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