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I've posted about this same guy before, but things have gotten worse.


My best guy friend of two years has always had problems with initiating calls, inviting me places, etc. As well, when he promises to call back, 50% of the time, he won't. When we do talk on the phone or hang out, it's always amazing and we never run out of things to talk about.


But friendship is a two way street, and I don't feel he's holding up his end of the bargain.

What can I do about this without losing his friendship?


On Thursday, we were talking on the phone and and we decided to hang out Saturday. So Saturday comes, he didn't show. I call him about half an hour after our designated meeting time, and he says he can't come because he has to babysit. I ask him if he can come over the next day, and he says he doesn't know because he might be going to his aunt's. He says his parents don't now for sure yet, and he'll call me when he knows.


Next day comes and he hasn't called. After waiting for hours, I finally call and ask him if he's going to his aunt's. He just says that he can't come over, instead of saying yes or no. He apologizes for not calling because he slept over at the kid's house who he babysat. I can't help but no believe him.


So he agrees to come over at 2pm Monday, which is today. At about 2:30pm I called to ask him if he was still coming. He said yes, in two hours. It has now been nearly three hours and I am not calling him again. I'm so upset right now, and I'm afraid he doesn't want to be my friend or something...


It's obviously wrong for him to stand me up four times in one weekend, but he doesn't seem to get it.


What can I do to save our friendship?

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