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stuck in 2 minds.


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My storys about around here somewhere..


I got a message today from my ex, wishing me happy valentines day for yesterday. I was rather confused.


turns out she left the guy she left me for... for the 3rd time.


He met up with his ex. His ex started talking to him, but it was actually my ex pretending to be him?


Anyway he met up with his ex the other night, when he said to her he was at his dads. So they argued last night, he locked her in his room, and punched her in the stomach, so she says. Then kicked her out at 3am.


Anyway, i replied to her saying this is exactly what i said would happen, ( pretty much said everything that happened would have a while back).


I said i didnt know if i could start speaking to her again, because i know if i do, then all my feelings will come flooding back, and i dont want to set myself up to be hurt again.


She said lucky you, your feelings coming back, mine never left. -_-



Mean while, yesterday i sent a dozen roses to another girl ive been speaking to for a month or so, dont really know her that much, but yeah, i do like her.


So at the same time i receive a message from my ex, this other girls status changes to. "id really like to know who sent me the lovely roses



So. long story short, my conundrum.


Do i keep ignoring my ex, persue this new girl,

Or, start talking to my ex again, She did say about a week ago, when she sent me another message, that she was going to go to councilling, and sort her life out like i have. I mean, if she went and did that, and proved to me that she was willing to change, id forgive her.


But then again, she could hurt me again.

But i dont want to start a new relationship, while still being inlove with someone else.





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I found your story a bit confusing...


But this is what I think.


1) Leave your ex alone. She proved herself untrustworthy. There is no chance for a good solid relationship there.


2) Have a talk with the other girl. Tell her your situation that you don't think you are ready for a relationship yet (which is true) but yes, the flowers indicate how you do feel about her. You should not have sent her those flowers - but you did, now you have to tell her the truth.


You aren't ready for a relationship yet. You shouldn't bring that much baggage to any relationship.

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Oh yes, I remember your story all too well. Do not give in to your ex. I would even go a step further than ignoring her and straight up telling her to get out of your life.


After what she did to you, on more than one occasion after the break, was awful and should be unforgivable. She has proven herself untrustworthy in love. You have already moved on and are seeing another girl. Stick with the new one, maybe she has the capability to love someone other than herself.


In short: you are better off without her.

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I agree with everyone here. Your ex is a sick minded individual and needs serious help. I would go for the new girl but take it slow... She deserves a clean slate, not a guy still hung up on an old flame. Even if the guy talks crap on the ex and stuff, it's still baggage, you know? :S

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